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Late Update:July 13 2018

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Fearing that his facial hair may be trying to communicate with him, an idealistic slacktivist undergoes a surreal metamorphosis in an alternate future Toronto.

Join us for an irreverent exploration of itchy id impulses, eroding social etiquette, well-meaning idiocy, insidious ego worship, the allure of exploratory artists and the search for purpose in a world bursting at its seams with redundancy.

The Beard is a multi-media digital comic presented as an enriched PDF document. This means that if you spend some time hunting and clicking around on the fantastic artwork by Ryan Stanley, you’ll find links to exclusive downloads or streams by bands and artists featured in the story, sound effects, reference pages and whatever else we think of as we figure this thing out in front of you.

Updates bi-weekly (ish)

The Beard is an enriched multi-media digital comic book. Hunt around the PDF for hidden music links, sound triggers,  and other Easter eggs

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PDF  (Issue #1)
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