Lunar Lemur
​Punching Clouds

Lunar Lemur is a person (?) I randomly encountered in Toronto at Dufferin Grove Park in the summer of 2015 around midnight, sitting under a tree wearing a cheap lemur suit and chunky headphones. She, he, it or whatever, was hunkered over an old laptop. When I approached and asked "what are you working on?” the lemur didn't say a word, just looked up, handed me the headphones and pressed play. It took less than a minute before I was fumbling for my wallet and asking if I could buy whatever it was I was hearing.

The lemur said nothing. 

I handed back the headphones. 

The lemur handed me a small data stick then tapped its keyboard with furry gloved fingers.

A Stephen Hawking voice said "Take it. Share it".

I didn't know what to do with that at first, other than to immediately use the encounter as inspiration for a character in The Beard.

After enjoying this strange collection of electronic genre perversions for months without being able to track down any info about its creator, I received an email from lunarlemur@*****.com containing only the words "why hasn't it spread?"

 Similarly terse clarification followed and now I'm pleased to be releasing these restlessly structured, beat-heavy melodic experiments week after week, one song, one album at a time for as long as the Lemur draws breath.

Lunar Lemur

The Indiscreet Art of Ass Puppetry


Your Weekly New Music Dose:

Bear Skink Wedding Fondue
Jack Mackerel's Skin Bag

Snake Bladder

Sin Tax

Drinking Spark Plugs

Beef Rend Them

Snail Skin Tooth

​Alternative Fax

​Con A Sewer

​Are You the Toilet Ghost?

Extended Family

Lunar Lemur
​Meat Blob Groove Machine

What We Know About Lunar Lemur:

From How Do You Know You're The Same You When You Wake?, coming December 31st, 2017

1. Diaphanous Tusk

2. Om Latte

3. Jilted Parabola 

4. Dog Mode

5. Unilateral Pocket Fern Ace

6. Tick Holster

7. Pan Handler
​(A Touch of Mythic Mutton)

8. Pee Burst

9. Ouroboros After a Bad Taco

10. Sip of the Cripple

11. Fang Pi

12. Agile Clam

13. No

14. Janked By A Walrus

15. Condom Mint

16. Cloud Toenails

17. Cream Dice

​18. Zen Quaff


Gerbil Toast

Fragile Clam

Slippery Ruffle

Sigh Cull

​​Cranked Elves

Loose Eel

Social Twerker   
Squelch Chute

Parrot Mint

​Dorsal Wheeze


1. Friendly Swarm
2. Snarling Tits Cascading Life

3. Scab Waffle

​4. It Must Taste Like Elf Spit

5. Pucker Texture

6. Sinking Tongue 2

7. Waffle Scab

​8. Coagulated Fissure

Lunar Lemur
​Gas Sculptures