Lunar Lemur is a person (?) I randomly encountered in Toronto at Dufferin Grove Park in the summer of 2015 around midnight, sitting under a tree wearing a cheap lemur suit and chunky headphones. She, he, it or whatever, was hunkered over an old laptop. When I approached and asked "what are you working on?” the lemur didn't say a word, just looked up, handed me the headphones and pressed play. It took less than a minute before I was fumbling for my wallet and asking if I could buy whatever it was I was hearing.

The lemur said nothing. 

I handed back the headphones. 

The lemur handed me a small data stick then tapped its keyboard with furry gloved fingers.

A Stephen Hawking voice said "Take it. Share it".

I didn't know what to do with that at first, other than to immediately use the encounter as inspiration for a character in The Beard.

After enjoying this strange collection of electronic genre perversions for months without being able to track down any info about its creator, I received an email from lunarlemur@*****.com containing only the words "why hasn't it spread?"

 Similarly terse clarification followed and now I'm pleased to be releasing these restlessly structured, beat-heavy melodic experiments week after week, one song, one album at a time for as long as the Lemur draws breath.

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