As usual, that took longer than planned. I'm over the major life hurdle of moving to a new home in a new city now though, so regular updates on this page should resume next week along with a new feature to keep things interesting between formal content updates.

This chapter contains 6 hidden meta data components. Pretend they're Pokémon and get hunting. In particular, you'll want to find the special advanced link to an upcoming Eat Electricity track (the multi-talented Geoff Bennett you should remember from The Mark Inside.)

April 29, 2016

Oops. We did it again. My fault this time. Another somewhat time-sensitive project put my attention in a Dothraki Death-Grip and I couldn't quite get my excrement together to get the lettering and embedded content done (I do all the word balloon business, for those curious about work load division). So let's say that The Beard comes out the first Friday of every month for now, so that when we pick up the pace it'll be a pleasant surprise. And, in the name of keeping you engaged, this image might possibly be as important to The Beard as the polar bear was to Lost. 


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We're now Streaming. Everywhere.

You may have noticed that it's quite distinctly not a Friday, either due to the sort of depleted joy meter that comes with having most of a work week ahead of you or through some arcane ability to track the passage of time (I only know that it's after Sunday because the internet keeps almost telling me something I don't want to know about Hodor yet).

​Back to the point: Since this whole thing's a public work in progress, we're going to shake things up and see how Tuesdays work for weekly updates and monthly (for now) chapter drops.

We want to be a happy little nasty distraction to help you push through another week of doing stuff you don't really want to do so that you can afford to do what you need to do (and also buy a bunch of stuff you don't really need(shut up, Tyler's judgemental hypocrisy.)).

​Enjoy. Or don't - it's really up to you - but wherever you fall on the Kinsey scale of affection for crusty absurdity, thanks for giving our experiment some of your precious temporal tickets. You're never getting any of them back, so spend them well. See you next week, we hope.

Trinket Trance - Digital Comics & Music

April 22, 2016

August 15, 2016

​The debut isn't formally out until Friday but the next Lunar Lemur song cycle is already underway.

My sparse Lemur-spotting excursions had been fruitless since the initial meeting and email contact had gone cold, so I wasn't sure if we'd be getting more. Then, just before I moved to Hamilton, I found a flash drive in my mailbox containing 8 new songs in a folder called "Punching Clouds - Lunar Lemur". Most of this material is much closer to an Eno-esque ambient album, but still bears identifiable marks of barely contained weirdness. I left a note at my old address for the Lemur, but if you are Lunar Lemur, or you've had a sighting, please get in touch with me via trinkettrancemusic AT gmail DOT com or @utopiacomplex on twitter.

Join us for an irreverent exploration of itchy id impulses, eroding social etiquette, well-meaning idiocy, insidious ego worship, the allure of exploratory artists and the search for purpose in a world bursting at its seams with redundancy.

The Beard is a multi-media digital comic presented as an enriched PDF document. This means that if you spend some time hunting and clicking around on the fantastic artwork by Ryan Stanley, you’ll find links to exclusive downloads or streams by bands and artists featured in the story, sound effects, reference pages and whatever else we think of as we figure this thing out in front of you.

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The Beard - Chapter Two - Full Colour

August 3, 2016

Yes, we're already taking our first skip week. It's hard to argue with vicious microbes just trying make their way in this extended cosplay we call existence. Influenza doesn't know that we need Ryan's energy to form magic out of my mind gutter sculptures so that we can all have a good laugh at ourselves; they just found a cozy place to set up shop. They've since been evicted from life (do viruses go to heaven, hell, purgatory or that weird husk world of Daniel Quinn's, I wonder?) and Ryan's hard at work so that we can bring you Chapter Two next week. In the meantime, check out the latest Lunar Lemur release "Cloud Toenails" (direct your eyeballs to the left of the screen) and have a gander at this very socially engaged pig:

Thanks for bearing with us on our Beard tardiness. Rearing children and needing those all-powerful survival tickets can gum up ambitious creative endeavours from time to time (imagine that). We're recalibrating our approach in order to bring you the story faster without destroying ourselves. All shall be revealed, including our overdue second chapter, this Friday.

Fearing that his facial

hair may be trying to communicate with him,

an idealistic slacktivist undergoes a surreal metamorphosis in an alternate future Toronto.

My computer blew up and I bought a house.

​How's that for a link in my excuse chain?

We'll figure this whole "accurate scheduling" business out soon.


​BUT: despite setbacks and really kinda sorta vital time diversions, Chapter Two is HERE(and over there on the right). In order to keep the story coming, we're now going to try doing "version updates" of the comic in progress.

​Version one will be in black and white with limited meta content (but still some - keep hunting!). When it's ready - hopefully between B&W chapters - we'll add an update with colour and other extras for version two.  For now, enjoy Ryan's excellent inks.